CommerceHQ Review – Better than Shopify?

April 22, 2019

So, today we will talk about the new ecommerce beast COMMERCEHQ and I will try to do an honest review!

Is CommerceHQ really better than Shopify? F word, YES!

I started using CommerceHQ 2 weeks ago and till today my conversion rate is going crazy. I had some days with 48% profit margin and yes I run Facebook ads.

Here’s a screenshot for the haters 🙂

CommerceHQ Review

CommerceHQ Review

So, after 2 weeks of using I made 5 figures in sales. The conversion rate is 2x better than Shopify. Why?

Let’s talk about why the conversion rate is much better. First of all, CommerceHQ has some beautiful apps integrated into their platform so their loading page speed is faster than Shopify.

The apps I personally use for my store:

And did I mention it, all of these are free of charge? You only need to pay for the monthly fee.

The other thing that I like using CommerceHQ is that they do not charge for transaction fees. Isn’t that awesome?

For all of you that are wondering if I used Shopify, the answer is yes. I used Shopify for more than 2 years. I paid almost 1000 dollars to Shopify within a month for transaction fees and app fees.

To be honest guys the first time that I found CommerceHQ, I was not really impressed but I gave it a shot. And I’m glad I did. CommerceHQ was a life changer for my eCommerce businesses.

The excitement continues…

You can integrate Dropified with CommerceHQ. If you want a FREE 14-Day Trial with Dropified, sign up now!

If you don’t like Dropified, no problem CommerceHQ has Zapier so you can integrate 100+ other apps. But in my opinion, Dropified is the best for dropshipping because you can earn big fat cashbacks.

What’s the price of CommerceHQ?

As I mentioned they have only a fix monthly price of $99. They do not charge for transaction or app fees.

But the good news does not end here! You can sign-up now for a FREE 14-DAY Trial Now and win 2 other stores for FREE!

YEAP! You read that right 😉 With only $99 per month, you will get 3 stores with a price of one store.

Why CommerceHQ is the ultimate eCommerce platform?

  • Many apps for FREE
  • Quick set-up around 10 minutes
  • High converting Free themes
  • Visual store builder aka The King 😉
  • No processing fees
  • 4 different checkout pages, including the one-page checkout
  • Awesome abandoned cart recovery
  • Print on Demand integration
  • Email marketing integration
  • Zapier Integration
  • High converting tools
  • Page speed loading 2x faster than Shopify

Personally, this platform is my best choice and I will continue to use it. If you will give it a try, I’m pretty sure you will love it too.


This was all of my CommerceHQ Review. If you have any questions, please comment below. I would be more than happy to answer all of them 🙂

Don’t forget to be part of the CommerceHQ Facebook Group.

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